Davide Zaru (Programme manager at the EU Delegation in Eritrea)

Davide Zaru is a programme manager at the EU Delegation in Eritrea.
Between 2007 and 2012, he worked in Brussels as policy officer at the
human rights department of the European Commission and then of the
European External Action Service. In this position, he dealt in
particular with the EU’s human rights policy in the United Nations,
the coordination of the COHOM Working Group and the co-operation and
dialogue on human rights with Latin American and Caribbean countries.
Before joining the European Union, he had collaborated with the
Italian Mission to the UN in Geneva, the Office of the UN High
Commissioner for Human Rights, the Human Rights Centre of the
University of Padova and the League for the Rights and Liberation of
Peoples. He studied human rights law and politics in Geneva and
Padova. In 2011, also in Padova, he defended his doctoral thesis in
Public International Law, having undertaken research also at The
Hague, Fiesole and Heidelberg. He published on topics related to EU
external relations law and to the EU's external human rights policy.
Contacts: davide.zaru@eeas.europa.eu